Woods & Finishes

Kenwood Designs is a leader in using locally milled, selectively logged, indigenous west coast species for fine wood furniture and custom cabinetry. The beauty and variety of woods such as western alder, big leaf maple, vertical-grain clear fir, and hemlock add new and unique choices for custom projects.

We also hand-select a wide variety of traditional cabinet woods such as cherry, walnut, oak, and ash for those with an affinity for the lasting beauty of these time-proven hardwoods.

We can also provide stainless steel and other non-conventional materials for millwork and cabinetry.

All our case work is made from domestic birch plywood, ensuring excellent strength and lasting quality.

Our in-house finishing processes now feature waterborne, environmentally sound, non-toxic products exclusively. No harmful fumes or off-gassing means your living or working environment remains healthy and toxin-free, and you can expect excellent durability and lasting beauty. Advancements in these ultra-low VOC technologies ensure that your cabinets won't amber or change color over time, and will retain an enduring, resistant finish. The properties of waterborne coatings are now comparable with their solvent-based predecessors.

For applications which demand more traditional products, we also have an off-site facility that handles solvent-based finishes & stains.

Kenwood Designs